Updated Mask Wearing Policy For The YCDSB

Please be advised of the following changes to the mask wearing policy at all YCDSB Schools:

    • Students in Grades 1 to 12 will be required to wear a two-layer face mask is now recommended as per Provincial direction and York Region Public Health, as opposed to the previous recommendation of any kind of face covering. Parents/guardians will be expected to provide your child with a two-layer personal face covering to wear at school to reduce the spread of his/her own respiratory droplets to protect others. 
    • Students in Kindergarten are encouraged, but not required, to wear masks. If families choose to have their children wear masks, care will be taken that the children not be stigmatized. Correct mask wearing procedures will be taught, reinforced through signage and verbal reminders. 
    • The supply of student masks provided to schools by the Ministry of Education is intended to be a “back-up” supply rather than the primary supply for students.  This means parents are expected to supply masks for their children.  
  • Students without a mask will be provided with one upon entry to the school.  Students choosing not to wear their masks, without valid medical concerns, will be immediately sent home, parents will be contacted and students welcomed to return to school when their mask is in place.
  • All students may choose to wear masks outside for recess.