Synchronous Learning Guidelines

On Friday, May 8th, the Ministry of Education released an update regarding synchronous learning during this time of school closures. The Ministry’s expectation is that synchronous learning is used as part of whole-class instruction, in smaller groups of students, and/or in a one-on-one context. 

Synchronous learning can be described as any type of learning that takes place in real-time, where students are engaging in learning and communication simultaneously. As a Catholic School System, we strongly support and endorse the practice of video conferencing only through Board recommended tools (i.e. Google Meet and/or D2Ls virtual classroom) as the best way of reaching and supporting all students.  Video conferencing within our secure environments will provide much-needed communication directly with students. The benefits of this are not only to keep students engaged in their learning, but also to focus on their social and mental well being. 

In addition to video conferencing, synchronous learning can also be augmented utilizing a variety of other modalities, which may include: 

  • Teachers posting a new lesson for students at the designated, scheduled time and remaining available for questions and answers via the VLE in real-time
  • Creating a Google Doc that allows students to ask and have questions answered in real-time 
  • Creating a Google Slide with different slides designated for different groups of students to share ideas and ask questions in real-time